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Current Hours

Mon - Sat:   7:00am - 11:00pm

          Sun:   7:00am - 10:00pm

View Court Schedule HERE

DFW Indoor Pickleball (DiP) is creating a unique facility dedicated to indoor pickleball all day, every day. With 9 professionally textured concrete courts, warm-up courts, modern bathrooms, individual private showers, a pro shop, and a lounge, this facility will have everything players of all skill levels will need.

The concept for this location came from a local beginner pickleball player who could not get enough of the sport but was frustrated with long waits and uncooperative weather. DiP seeks to fill this need through indoor courts with organized play.

DiP will host various open play times with player limits, leagues, tournaments, skills and clinics, and full court rentals. 

We at DiP understand we must listen to our customers to make the right adjustments to scheduling to best fulfill the needs of our pickleball players.

Check back for updates on our progress as well as the opportunity to have your voice heard by our owners.

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